Alternative Medicine For Dummies

book image At least four in ten people in the United States -- about 115 million people -- have tried at least one form of alternative medicine. Whether folks try acupuncture, macrobiotic diets, massage therapy, or chiropractic care, they are looking for something that doesn't fit into the world of conventional medicine.

In an effort to help you explore these alternative options, James Dillard, MD, DC, CAc, and Medical Director of Alternative Medicine at Oxford Health Plans, has co-authored a new book, Alternative Medicine For Dummies. This easy-to-read book delivers a great deal of information with impartiality and gentle doses of good humor. Once you start reading, you'll find out how to:

  • choose an alternative practitioner who's sensitive to your needs;
  • use popular relaxation techniques to reduce your daily stress levels;
  • discover what Mother Nature can do for you with water, plants, and light;
  • read the labels on packaging of herbs and vitamins;
  • and much more.

Through Oxford, you have the opportunity to purchase Alternative Medicine For Dummies at a special price, available only to Oxford Members. IDG Books, the creator of the "... For Dummies" series, has agreed to sell the book for only $14.99 per copy, a 25% savings for Oxford Members.

To order the book, simply call 800-762-2974, and refer to Offer # 704688.

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