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Active Partner Education and Outreach - Through December 31, 2014 for current program enrollees

Our Active Partner Education and Outreach programs are designed to encourage members to be proactive about managing their condition by keeping the lines of communication between physician and patient open. They are developed by clinical teams consisting of Medical Directors (physicians), Clinical Managers and Case Managers. These programs include:

  • Better Breathing - asthma management
  • Living with DiabetesSM
  • High Risk Maternity
  • Heart SmartSM
  • Rare Chronic Care
  • Depression
  • Neonatal Resource Services
  • Transitional Case Management and Complex Case Management - overview
  • Self-Help LibrarySM - offers educational brochures for certain conditions, such as asthma and diabetes, to help members learn more about self-care, treatment therapies and how to prevent complications. Our brochures also direct members to additional information.
     Diabetes Brochure
     Asthma Brochure
     Depression Brochure