Join Oxford's Provider Network

Oxford Health Plans is a member of the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH). The CAQH is a not-for-profit collaborative alliance of the nation's leading health plans and networks. The organization's mission is to improve healthcare access and quality for patients and to reduce administrative requirements for physicians and other healthcare providers. To support this effort, the CAQH has developed the Universal Credentialing DataSource, a system designed to gather credentialing data in a single repository that can be accessed by participating health plans and other healthcare organizations. The objectives are to simplify the credentialing data gathering process and to enable physicians and other healthcare providers to easily update their information.

Oxford will be utilizing the DataSource to gather the credentialing information necessary for you to apply for participation. To begin this process, please complete and submit the CAQH Provider Network Recruitment Form. Your completed form will be reviewed by Oxford. You will be notified whether or not we are able to proceed with your application for participation with Oxford.

Please note: The CAQH Universal Credentialing DataSource is currently only available to physicians, dentists and chiropractors. All other providers should call Oxford's Provider Services Department at 800-666-1353 to inquire about participation.