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Use pretax dollars to pay for the dependent care costs that you incur so that you can work.

Who is an eligible dependent?
Eligible dependents include the following:
•  Your dependent children under age 13
•  Any person (including a parent or child) who lives with you and whom you claim as a dependent because they are mentally or physically incapable of self-care

What are eligible dependent care expenses?
Eligible dependent care expenses are defined under the Internal Revenue Code as dependent care costs that enable you (or your spouse) to be gainfully employed. According to the IRS, gainful employment does not include volunteer work or volunteer work for a nominal salary.

Eligible dependent care expenses include, but are not limited to, the following:
•  Licensed daycare center or nursery fees
•  Costs for adult care facilities
•  Housekeepers' wages - if they provide daycare for your eligible dependent
•  Wages paid to a baby sitter or companion in or outside the home

Certain expenses are not covered, such as fees for kindergarten education, costs for daycare while you are not working (ie. on maternity or sick leave), daycare by nonqualified persons including friends and neighbors (ask your employer for the "qualified person test" provided by the IRS). Also, employees such as baby sitters who are paid in cash are not considered eligible.

Please Note: The care provider cannot be your dependent and must have appropriate tax identification. You will be required to report the dependent care provider's name, address, and tax identification number on your federal tax return. Costs for adult care facilities are eligible if the dependent is at home at least eight hours per day.

How much can I contribute and how does it work?

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