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Asian Initiatives Fact Sheet

Brief Description: Oxford Health Plans was one of the first managed care organizations to offer the Asian-American community access to affordable, quality health plan services. In 1994, Oxford opened its first office dedicated to providing services to the Asian community in New York City's Chinatown area. Working with the Chinese American Independent Physicians Association (CAIPA), Oxford created a network of doctors who not only speak various Asian languages, but also understand the health needs and concerns of these individuals.

The Asian initiative has since expanded to include the Korean community, which offers a number of new community-based programs and services. Opened in the spring of 2002, Oxford's Korean office is located in Flushing, Queens in New York City.

Year Founded: 1994
Management Team:
Christopher Law, vice president, Asian Initiatives
•   42 staff members in Chinatown concentrated in sales, marketing, customer service, and provider, member and community relations
•   12 staff members located in Flushing, Queens focusing on customer service and sales
Languages Spoken: Customer service representatives speak Korean and six dialects of Chinese, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Toisan, Taiwanese, Shanghainese and Fukianese.
Regional Offices: New York City (Chinatown in Manhattan, and Flushing, Queens)
Physician Network:
•   Approximately 500 Chinese-speaking physicians
•   More than 260 Korean-speaking physicians
Membership: More than 30,000 members
Health Education and Collaboration:
•   Nutrition seminar including health information from an Oxford-certified nutritionist and nutritionist-assisted grocery shopping trip to local supermarket.
•   Hepatitis B screening program in conjunction with CAIPA, the Chinatown Health Clinic and GlaxoWellcome.
•   Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma seminar in conjunction with the Chinese Unit of the American Cancer Society and CAIPA.
•   Understanding Menopause educational campaign and seminars supported by an unrestricted grant from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.
•   Diabetes awareness campaign and seminars in conjunction with CAIPA and the Chinatown Health Clinic, supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Aventis Pharamaceuticals. Also launched as the first large-scale health program in the Korean community.
•   Free preventive care seminars given by physicians on such topics as diabetes awareness and preventive care screenings.
•   Customer service team that speaks Korean and six dialects of Chinese.
•   Healthcare plans for small and large businesses, individuals and Medicare recipients.
•   Prescription drug, dental and vision riders.
•   Access to Oxford's network of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners.
Community Outreach:
•   Educational seminars about Medicare in conjunction with the Social Security Office.
•   Speech contests to increase health awareness among students attending Chinese language schools in New Jersey.
•   Summer internship program for Asian high school students.
•   Community events, such as calligraphy exhibition and riddle contest, to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
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