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Why Oncologists Are Asking for Online Updates

A Brief Overview of the Oxford Cancer Support Program

Changes to the Precertification Process

Stories of Support: Members and Their Families Share Their Experience

96% of Members Find Program Helpful: 2005 Survey Results

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How to Enroll Your Oxford Patients who have Cancer

The Oxford Cancer Support Program is offered to Members:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Diagnosed with cancer (excluding leukemia)
  • In active treatment

Currently, our team of nurses proactively contacts those Members identified as having cancer after we analyze precertification information and claims data. However, we encourage physicians to refer their patients to the program once treatment begins.

You can refer Members by:

Members can also self-refer by phone by calling the number above. If a Member is referred to the program, but is not appropriate for the case management program, he or she is sent a cancer resource kit containing educational materials.

A Brief Overview of the Oxford Cancer Support Program

As cancer patients cope with the shock of their diagnosis – and all the new medical terminology and treatment options they need to consider and embark on – they need an extraordinary amount of support and handholding.

We’re here to help. Through the Oxford Cancer Support Program, Oxford Members with cancer are swiftly assigned a caring case management team consisting of a registered nurse and social worker. Together, the case management team offers customized support to Members and family caregivers – providing a wealth of services that support your medical treatment.

How We Support and Reassure Your Patients

The Oxford Cancer Support Program focuses primarily on assisting Members with a potential to develop complications with cancer treatment and includes:

  • Support and reinforcement of your treatment plan. Our case management team can check in by phone with Members and their caregivers to translate confusing medical terms, explain treatment plans, inquire whether they're taking their medications as prescribed, and offer reassurance.
  • Assessments to avoid complications and identify early interventions. The ongoing, personal contact with our case managers makes it easier to identify problems early. As a result of the program, fewer Oxford Members require hospitalization and those that do, stay for shorter lengths of time (Based on 2004-2005 claims data).
  • Proactive symptom management. When aggressive therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy cause physical discomfort to your patients or compromise their immune systems, our registered nurses provide education on symptom management in support of your treatment plan to help minimize distress and help bolster the body's defenses.

Potential treatment complications of primary focus

  • Coordination of care. When a patient needs additional services, such as home nursing or hospice, our case managers will collaborate with you to order the appropriate care. They can also take the burdensome details of researching and arranging that care off the shoulders of your Oxford patients, their families and your office staff.
  • One-on-one attention to psychosocial needs. Cancer patients often find that even the most well meaning friends and family do not understand what they are going through. Our social workers do and can help them with needs as diverse as dealing with depression, arranging a medical power of attorney, enrolling in a prescription drug plan, or assisting in end-of-life discussions.

Psychosocial issues of primary focus for Members' social workers

  • Access to reliable sources. We help Oxford Members understand their diagnosis, treatments and help them get additional support by making available:
    • Educational materials by organizations such as CancerCare and The National Cancer Institute.
    • Support organization information
    • This website offers Oxford Members timely information and practical solutions to support treatment and recovery.

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